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A group of  ten painters who live and paint together on the beautiful island of Hilton Head, South Carolina.

In 1998, several plein air artists met for lunch to discuss the future of painting and exhibiting together as a group.  Peter Hadfalvi brought a beautiful homemade apple pie cut into eight slices.  Jokingly, someone said that we should be called the "Apple Pie Painters" and so the tradition began. 
You can visit each of us in our studios by clicking on our websites at the left,  or view our exhibition schedule, community service and a montage of our artwork. 


Peter Hadfalvi
Barbara Snow

Vickie Bailey Ebbers 
Mary B. Kelly
John Norlander
Liz Rufenacht Bundy

 The Applepie Painters celebrated their show at the Art Center of Coastal Carolina in Hilton Head which opened in April, 2006. 
 Peter, Vickie, Marilyn, Judy, John, Liz, Alex, Barb, Mary.

The APPLEPIES have focused their many styles, talents and media in diverse works of art, many of which are inspired by Hilton Head Island, our home. In this section we showcase a medley of these differing styles in a revolving group of our recent paintings, accompanied by our individual comments. 

Although we are all members of the Hilton Head Art League Gallery, on Hilton Head and often exhibit there individually, we are also represented by other galleries such as the Maye River Gallery and S.O.B.A in Bluffton, the Charles Street Gallery in Beaufort and the SPACE Gallery in Savannah. Exhibiting together, we have had yearly group shows on Hilton Head and beyond. Please see our exhibits page for a listing. The artwork shown in this section is for sale. Please contact the individual artist on their web pages above by clicking on their names.
Mary B. Kelly
Barbara Snow
Peter Hadfalvi
Liz Rufenacht Bundy
John Norlander
Photo credit for image above: Ed Sugarman

Opening Night at the Art Center of Coastal Carolina. Peter Hadfalvi and his Apple Pie.
Vickie Bailey Ebbers PSA
Our Community Service 
Judy Saylor McElynn
Alexandra Sharma
Marilyn Dizikes
Left to right: Peter Hadfalvi, Marilyn Dizikes, Barbara Snow, Judy McElynn, John Norlander, Vickie Ebbers, Liz Rufenacht, Mary Kelly, Alex Sharma.
The Apple Pie Painters celebrated a year-long project of painting at Honey Horn, the new site of the Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head Island. 

Their show opened in their new gallery on May 8th, 2008.
Below, the Pies gather at Honey Horn in period dress. 
Mary, Peter, Judy, Barb, John, Liz, Marilyn, Vickie, Alex.
Our exhibits. 
a selection of our work.
Feeding Time....Oil...
"I love the marshes as autumn approaches as the colors are so rich and intriguing and always call for a camera or canvas. The snowy white and graceful egrets at sunset, are waiting on the changing tides for food while giving a sparkle to  the beautiful marsh grasses."

Marilyn Dizikes
Sea & Sky #3  40" x 30"  acrylic   $850
  "Living near the ocean inspires me everyday.  The ever changing colors, continually transforming, never cease to amaze me."
Oval Palm  32" x 52"  acrylic   $800
  " The tropic foliage of our island is a source of abstract colors and realistic forms with which I love to play. This oval is from my Heart of Palm Series. "
Judy McElynn
Mr. Moses' Boat  12"x12"  Oil   $350.
  "Mr Moses' Boat- a handcrafted bateau made by a local gentleman floats on a nearby  tidal creek.  I enjoy seeing it at all times of the day, nestled into the spartina or floating freely in high water. Sometimes I see a heron, sitting on it's prow."

After the Storm  Oil   12"x16"   $400.

"At early morning after a storm, the sea is my favorite view to paint."

 Hannah    Pastel   12" x 14"   NFS  Portraits by commission
  "My grandchildren continue to inform and inspire my work and my life."

The Carriage House    Watercolor    18" x 24"  $800.

Before buildings on the Honey Horn homestead on Hilton Head Island were restored, I would wander the site with my watercolor paints just for a glimpse of the carriage house nestled in the forest.  It's handsome architecture still dominant despite the broken windows and sagging doors--all lent a mystery to the building as it sat patiently settling into the earth.  

Alexandra Sharma
Sign InView Entries
Tower Beach  Pastel   $650
"Tower Beach is always a source if inspiration with its  windswept  dunes, wave patterns and naturally the ever present umbrellas."
Pinckney Colony Road.  Oil, 12"x16".  $350.

“Pinckney Colony Road is one of the last unspoiled areas in the low country.”

The Apple Pie Painters prior show  opened April 9th, 2010 at the Charles St. Gallery in Beaufort, SC. 
The Apple Pie Painters most recent show opened on August 1 - September 3, 2011 at the Walter Greer Gallery 
of the Art Center of Coastal Carolina with an Opening reception on Tuesday, August 2nd.  

Kathy Tortorella
The Apple Pie Painters included our three new members as we prepared for our  show Island Treasures Revealed at the Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head. Sept. - December, 2005. We have now added an additional member, Kathy Tortorella in 2011.
Egrets Landing  Pastel  24 x 36 Sold
“The marsh in the winter is orange/gold, the sky so blue reflects in the water and the beautiful egrets start to gather and feed."
Kathy Tortorella
The Applepies are ready to paint at 6 Oaks. l. to r.  Barbara Snow, Mary Kelly, Kathy Tortorella, Liz Bundy, John Norlander, Marilyn Dizikes, Judy McElynn, Peter Hadfalvi, Alex Sharma, Vickie Ebbers.
The Apple Pie Painters  are celebrating their 15th year of outdoor painting together with show of work at the  Coastal Discovery Museum at Honey Horn on Hilton Head Island. 
The show, COASTAL DISCOVERIES will feature plein air painting from the island and surroundings, focusing on the unique features of Honey Horn Plantation and its  environment.The exhibition opened April 11, 2013 from 5 - 7 and will extend through April - May 27th.
Featured demo: May 11th, 10:30 - noon. Mary Kelly will demonstrate Abstract Painting in Landscape at the museum

Come visit us and see our new work.
The cake, and the
 Applepies at the opening..